Bitcoin Bull Market Support Band Update

Bitcoin Bull Market Support Band Update

Time for an update on our Bitcoin bull market support band, considering that we have a new weekly close for Bitcoin. This bull market support band is essentially …


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  1. At this point this is just a pull back to the high with the down trend still in place. Bitcoin will either make a higher low, and a double top is a valid higher low; and continue the downtrend or break higher to form new highs. My bet is on continued bearishness forming a large triangle pattern that last a year or so. Making a new large base like it has every time it's had a major sell off.

  2. The < charts all use UTC time so it does not matter what time zone you are in. He kept saying "depending on what time zone you are in" is not correct, the weekly close it the same everywhere. from London still holding 9 months, got 22,784 shares. Market crash or not . Trading went smooth for me but all thanks to broker Eli Carmelo for his amazing skills for help me to earn 18 BTC through trading chart. I will be rich forever

  3. Hey Ben, would you by any chance be able to make a quick video about what each acronym means? SMA, EMA and many more that you mention and why some are more important than usual. Just a suggestion πŸ™‚ love your vids! Keep it up

  4. "Nah, there's no way TA is astrology for boys, there's more to it than that"

    … "So anyway, like I was saying, BTC is clearly about to break out, since Ben Cowen's chairs are out of sight, and both the hairline and shirt indicators are showing a V-shaped recovery. Plus one door slightly open, need I say more?"

  5. Hi Ben, what stops you from accepting bitcoin as a payment method for your premium list? Is it just linking emails to the wallet addresses?

  6. After what has unfolded in 2020 I no longer see Bitcoin as speculation.more so an inevitability. Even if it takes 10 years to get $100k that would mean the average ate of return with a daily $100. Over a year is 100% what asset class out there today offer that type of opportunity

  7. I think it bounced also on 100 daily ema, not just 20 wsma.. Also it moved within 29-53k move fibonacci levels and downtrend line from 64k-60-53-48-45k…

  8. Ben is the only crypto Youtuber I take seriously. No stupid thumbnails for click bait saying outlandish price predictions. Just straight up technical analysis.

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