Best 10 VR Workout Games for Oculus Quest | VR Fitness Games

Best 10 VR Workout Games for Oculus Quest | VR Fitness Games

Have your tried any of this 10 best VR Workout Games? Check it out for Oculus Quest, HTC Vive and all other popular VR HMDs. Please subscribe if you like it …


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  1. Super cooooooooool! Nostalgic feelings of the Nintendo Wii games from back in the day, but I guess you could say this is Wii on steroids… 🤣

    Favs: the saber game, the first boxing game, the pistol whip, and definitely the open-world game (Supernatural, I think).

    10/10. 👍🏾

  2. I workout outside of VR because I feel like it's more effective however I don't deny that it's more motivating to play a game and get exercise at the same time.

    The only real issues are:
    -The physical intensity of the game (some games aren't enough for me)
    – The comfort and the lightweight of the headset
    -How much you sweat in the headset, (some sort of fitness headset that allows air in more rapidly, would help with sickness)
    -The headset being in your way sometimes when throwing punches closer to your face

  3. Personally i think if you are good at gorilla tag it is the ultimate fitness program. Me and my friend played gorilla tag for three-four hours, and we burned 2000 calories

  4. Hi! I'm working on a video project for school, and I was wondering if you'd allow me to use some of the gameplay footage in this video for my project? Nothing would be monetized. It would simply be for a hw assignment. Thanks in advance.

  5. My upper body never hurt so good. I was having so much fun with super natural and vr fit that i forgot I needed a rest day. My Arms are so weak that I'm typing with my nose.

  6. Needs to add Superhot! Best tracking game I've found so far and you will be on the floor, up off the floor, in positions that will work all your muscles. Just don't think that table or car you are hiding behind is real and will really be there to lean on to get your weak legs to lift you back up off the floor. And bonus you completely have fun. Check it out. It's an awesome game. One of the only I've finished and it still has replay value.

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