iPhone 5C review

iPhone 5C review

The iPhone 5C falls short of top marks due to a combination of high price and cheap-looking design. Subscribe to TechRadar: http://goo.gl/8dpt6 More on the …


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  1. i had to write a two page letter why i wanted this phone and my mom said yea andd she was actually going to buy me one yesterday, and i like this better than the 5s because the scan system already is hacked!

  2. A phone I can take bike riding or put in my hockey bag in a rechargeable battery case. I have read it has above average damage repair capability. Quality plastic backing with steel frame should do what I require of it.

  3. The 5c is very bad value for money when you consider that Apple would usually discount the production phone by $100 when a new version comes out.

    Now for $100 less you get a plastic phone instead of the premium iphone 5 which has been discontinued.

    Ironically you can pick up the 4S in the premium case for a steal compared to this "budget" model

  4. I don't think any I will buy it because you cud buy a iphone 5 for the same money and then people won't think your cheap I'm just saying if I got that phone all my freind wud slag me and say that the C stands for cheap

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