Where will Chovy end up in free agency? | ESPN Esports

Where will Chovy end up in free agency? | ESPN Esports

Tyler Erzberger and Arda Ocal discuss potenital outcomes for Chovy’s off-season as his contract with DRX comes to an end. For more esports content, sign up …


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  1. I doubt Chovy will do anything other than stay in the LCK. Its career suicide to go to the LCS and historically LCK players have issues when going to the LPL. Dandy, Pawn and Mata are just a few examples who should have won hard in the LPL but didn't. I am 96% sure he stays in the LCK.

  2. Buying chovy out of LCK gonna need huge amount. He was offered large amount last off season but he stayed in LCK. If I remember correctly was to win and play with CVMax as coach.

  3. Don't even think of it, anchovy will stay for sure, LCK is already become a competitive region, wit franchise for 2021 season, this LCK could be next LPL clown fiesta region

  4. Hearing the money that was offered and compared to other offers, it is downright criminal no adult in Chovy's inner circle stepped in and convinced him to take the deal. That's life changing money. Especially when tomorrow is never assured, look at things now with Covid. Can he get a similar offer now? Possible but the purse strings around the world are much tighter. And even if he did that's 2-3 million dollars of lost income that he won't ever get back.

  5. I don’t rly get how the situation woulda changed much from last year. He was offered bags of money which he said was less interesting than working with cvmax and competing in lck (he said smth along those lines in his unveiling video interview when he joined drx.) Cvmax was talking to him about how drx could not even closely compete with the salary offers he got from lpl and lcs but Chovy said the decision was pretty Easy for him to choose drx. Idk how it woulda changed that drastically for him. Especially if he feels like he has smth to prove with drx

  6. there is no optimism with Chovy and LCS. Lets be real Chovy joining any LCS team whatsover means the end of any success he can have internationally. He is better of in the LPL for the money and better of if the LCK with finding a team that can make it to worlds again. Him Joining TSM would be the ultimate insult to his abilities as a player.

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