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  1. Q, let us out of this cursed timeline. We'll take the one knife to the heart instead of these constant ones. Corporate kiddy wokeness is ruining everything.

  2. How do you say such nice things, and still only manage to give it a 7. I am truely confused by your rating system, but at least the script says what needs to be said.

  3. We went from having one Trek show per generation to an oversaturation of it on top of owners who do not know or understand their target audience.

  4. The 'Star Trek' for the last 5 years hasn't been a 'Trek-asance' like you claim. There used to be fandom arguments between 'Star Trek' and 'Star Wars' franchise. Now, we both weep like comrades-in-suffering as we watch our beloved franchises morph into a shape that does nothing but evoke revulsion

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