Smartphones and Social Media – A Mass Surveillance Dystopia

Smartphones and Social Media - A Mass Surveillance Dystopia

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  1. I never take my phone on holiday. It gets locked in the glove compartment at the airport. Particularly when we go abroad, although we haven’t traveled since lockdowns! That way I can get some peace and quiet to enjoy the resort, scenery, etc. If there’s an emergency there’s always pay phones to phone home like the olden days! I highly recommend it! 👍

  2. Social media has brought our sad and pathetic need for constant social attention, made us dumber as species and revealed most people to be narcissists

  3. Thank you for the wonderful information. Easily digestable for the average man. We need to hear these things now more than ever. Peace friends.

  4. An open Facebook page is simply a psychiatric dry erase board that screams, “Look at me. I am insecure. I need your reaction to what I am doing, but you’re not cool enough to be my friend. Therefore, I will just pray you see this because the approval of God is not all I need.

  5. Thank you again for another great insight into modern living. Still I love life and look forward to every new day. The world is full of great people and endless challenges and opportunities. Most of which lie often dormant within ourselves.

  6. Survillance is a problem only until society accept the scam that is government.
    Manipulation is possible only with limited competitions, possible thanks to government (national and international) that create big corporation so oligopoly.
    Who care about shaming tactics if no one can force you to do anything?
    And so you are able to defend yourself?
    Freedom of expression matter, if someone don't take it well, it is their problem.

  7. Now in times of Halloween I feel especially that someone is watching me. As a boy used to peek to the window to see if someone stands there outside. Nowadays I make sure the phone is on a place where i can direct any of the reccurrent nightmares. Often in those mares the table stands an remarkable ugly scary spider!

  8. I have heard that the human conciousness plants the seeds of tyranny and that any form of oppression begins within through without

  9. Then we'll make it work for us not them , They opening our eyes to see them for what they are , People of Earth 🌍 are finding the way ,In growing up in increasing numbers

  10. I'm a pacifist and in this modern world of social media, i believe that staying simply outside of physical violence is far from enough to ensure to not harm another person; since we have the knowledge of the physical damage that mental damage can cause, and we have the ability to cause that damage to one who's physically far from us (maybe even on the other side of the planet), declining from hurting another person means nothing if one isn't also ready to control his/hers speech in social media. This type of control requires placing ones ego below the desire into universal harmony, through patience and meditation, something that most of the individuals aren't certainly capable of but pacifism isn't suited for everyone, and the true pacifist is ready to carry his/hers cross even when knowing that nothing grows out of it. I call this 'modern pacifism' -declining from hurting another human person both externally and internally.

  11. I wonder who clicks "dislike" on videos like these. There's an issue with the "like"/"dislike" system. Many people judge the content instead of the intention. They watch a video about dogs being tortured and instead of clicking "like" to encourage the coverage, they click "dislike" because they don't want dogs being tortured.This misunderstanding truly changes the dynamics. Of course it's not always the case. but I notice it a lot. Even the title sometimes guides people. "Man tortures dogs" will often receive dislikes from people jumping from video to video. Probably not even watching the video. And I should add that dislikes aren't always useful. When you watch a video and realize you don't support the content creator's views, it's probably better just ignoring it and not clicking "dislike". This is due to the algorithms used on these platforms. The more controversy the video creates, the more visible it becomes and the platform promotes it to keep our eyes and minds on their platform. thus increasing their ad revenue. So when we don't like a video, we should probably avoid enlarging the megaphone by ignoring it completely. If possible, by not even watching it in the first place.

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