How to Stop Drones: 5 tech designed to stop drones

How to Stop Drones: 5 tech designed to stop drones

Drones are no longer a novelty. The counter-drone industry has sprung up developing 100s of products to defend against drones. Here are the 5 ways to stop …


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  1. Just FYI all of this is illegal in the USA. 18 USC 32 makes it illegal to shoot down any aircraft, and because drones are considered aircraft, they carry the same penalty of up to 20 years in prison. Additionally, any form of signal jamming is against the communications act of 1934.

  2. I just want to point out that laser has its own limitations on taking down drone they can bounce on mirror like other light. But high powered lasers can burn mirror because mirror cannot reflect 100% of the light. But silver can reflect 98-99%of the light. So In Theory if you coted the drone with silver and have an angle to reflect the lasers.And now the laser cannot takedown a drone. But silver only reflect light from wavelengthsof 2000nm ,but loses nearly all reflectivity at wavelengths shorter than 350nm. Unless scientist can make a 100%of light all kinds of wavelenghts laser will not affect drone

  3. Shooting down a drone is a federal crime because drones are aircraft under federal law. 18 U.S.C. 禮 32. It would also be illegal under general criminal or civil laws in most states., just to let you know

  4. Hijacking the communication link? How exactly do you hijack a Radio frequency? First you need to know the exact frequency (which is kinda hard to guess) and then you can try to replicate the original signal with a stronger one, but you cant cut the connection between user and drone while flying it yourself. Either anyone can fly, or no one can fly. Thats how it works due to… physics. As long as the drone is in range the operator can pilot the drone as well as the police.
    Also the Jammers shown last dont work as presented. If a drones signal is jammed, its Flight controller and escs work just fine. Since the connection is lost modern drones just return home.

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