Whats going on with T1 and Skadoodle? | ESPN Esports

Whats going on with T1 and Skadoodle? | ESPN Esports

Tyler Erzberger, Emily Rand, Jacob Wolf and Arda Ocal discuss the recent drama between Skadoodle and his pro VALORANT team T1. Ska has recently been …


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  1. Honestly with them talking about ska holding the team back, i wouldn't even wanna play with that team. They got smacked by immortals, they def need a rework. Ska would fit nice on 100T.

  2. The problem is they playing this game like cs. they cant adapt how other pro teams play this game. Like what happen this pop flash ignition series vs immortals. they cant compete against immortals mastery on picked agents. You can see the difference on the mastery of the agents used. The aim is definitely there, but this is not cs. T1 is good during the early weeks of valorant, but when players getto learn how to used agents properly. T1 players cant seem to keep up. btw Food and crashies is actually good on their role and have great mastery on their agents.

  3. they should in fact replace crashies for liability for the past tournaments not performing well, ska has been fine at his performance and of course t1 would like to have ska play jett but ska is not the problem to this team. throughout all their matches food and crashies are very inconsistent in the tournaments and sure they are young and can improve but right now even at his age ska is performing way better than those two at consistent level.

  4. If T1 wants to win they need to swap crashies or food. Azk, brax, and ska chem is literally baked in from csgo days. They literally were a powerhouse team in NA as ibp until the scandal. Swap crashies and food for a good igl. Keep the trio.

  5. 2:40 have u ever watched cs before their is Chem between Brax and food they played in IEM Sydney qualifier they qualified for the tournament but food, Cooper, Marke and vanity joined another team and therefore brax couldn’t play because of the team swap. I dong understand how Brax signed Food in T1 after this because that was one of the only tournaments he qualified in 2018 but he couldn’t play because whole team ditch him

  6. 100 thieves roster should be Nitr0,Hiko,Ska,Shroud and Educoz the best italian player who is a beast in valorant.This team would be the most succesful and the most beautiful to watch

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