Bitcoin Made Me Rich, Now I Quit!!! HUGE Crypto Altcoin News!!!!

Bitcoin Made Me Rich, Now I Quit!!! HUGE Crypto Altcoin News!!!!

Bitcoin making people so rich they are quitting their jobs, big crypto news! CELSIUS EARN 6.2% & $50 FREE BTC ▻▻ (Sign up via …


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  1. 1.5 million is my line to go full crypto. Cash 200k for fun money. And stake the rest in various defi, reinvest at bottom of bear market, .
    Thanks to channels like this, im about 60% to reach goal.

  2. Unless you keep that money invested in something with a decent return, a million dollars isn't going to get you too far. Inflation and taxes will eat it up.

  3. Plan is to quit this 10-12 hr driving job I dislike for a part time by the end of the year. giving my 2 weeks last weeks of Dec as right now I can cash out half of what I have and be ok. I just can't the long hrs from 4:30am-3-4pm sometimes 5 anymore knowing ill be fine with working 4 hrs to focus on other things I havent been able to. Crypto WILL give me that. I know it

  4. Isn't it better to never sell and simply borrow against at a low interest rate? That's the Michael Saylor strategy. Borrowing against is not an event but selling is.

  5. Not even with DeFi (19% with on UST with Anchor is cray cray), "only" 500k with 9% APY on USDC would gross 45k which is enough for me after setting up a 501c3.
    I could even get a new Toyota!
    The ultimate luxury for me and my family is having free Time

  6. I have quit my job in May for different reasons but not rushed to get another one. If altcoins goes balistic this Xmas then there is no reason to be employed again.

  7. I have side gigs. I can quit with $150k. There are ways to set up passive income with very little money

    I also own my firm. I don’t actually do any work lol

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