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  1. im pretty disappointed that you can make a custom portrait for your character, but cant even see the portrait when your character speaks… But you can see EVERYONE elses portrait when they talk. considering how hideous the character models are, it would of been nice to at least see my characters picture during dialog.

  2. This game flew under my radar, I did a little test……I looked at the hades IGN review that has 1.5 mil views and is not that old, this video has a third of that and is 4 years older so factoring in a third views, in 4 times the time, i will times a third by 4 times lesser which is basically 8%, so I would say less then 10% of the gaming population knows about this game!

  3. There's just something about these Obsidian RPGs I cant get into, PoE had weak races/classes imo

    Tyranny felt convoluted and idk

    I enjoy Divinity 100x more and figured I could get into these games but nahhhh Zzz

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