The Elon Musk Smartphone…

The Elon Musk smartphone he may have no idea exists… AUKEY True Wireless Earbuds – US: // CA: Caviar …


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  1. I really want to get the kinda things I want in life or at least go to vacation with my love ones.
    Please I need someone to help me trade or invest the forex or crypto market because I'm tired of trading in losses myself. I've blown my account twice and it's frustrating, life is not so fun when you can't get the things you want so bad and spend quality time with family.
    Working 9 to 5 is crazy I just confess.

  2. i like 👍 tesla phon pi if Android phon like Samsung. if system like iphon 10000000000000 ………….% 👎 . when i saw YouTube tesal phon pi design very 😎 🆒️ and awsome. i can't wait to see.

  3. What will customers phone look like and the all important question? Can we dump our carrier and enjoy satellite Wi-Fi so we can save that $160.00 – 2 whatever depending on number of devices, monthly? I certainly hope so

  4. I'm a SpaceX fan…but I cannot afford this extravagant gadget..😑 have Elon/Apple ever thought of considering the middle and low class people???

  5. I never wanted an Apple phone until now, I like that phone, the way it looks, the way it's put together and it has to do with going to Mars, I love it, I guess I'm dreaming because I don't got the money to buy one, but I wouldn't mind being on Leon musk's spaceship to go to Mars regardless of what happened, nice phone, huhuhuhu huhuhuhu huhuhuhu huhuhuhu 👍❤️, yeah he probably knows about it.

  6. Tai buvo beveik toks pat puikus pokalbis, kaip pirmasis Rogano / Musko pokalbis … tada jie pradėjo kalbėti apie pandemiją, kuri nė vienas iš mūsų nepažįsta. Elono muskusas yra legenda ir motyvavo mane į kriptovaliutą, ir man pasisekė rasti šią teisėtą kompaniją su šia teisėta moterimi prekybininke, vadinama Mai_trades per instagramą, kuri išmokė mane prekiauti bitkoinais neprarandant, Dievas palaimins ją gausiai…

  7. Dies war ein fast so großartiges Gespräch wie das erste Gespräch zwischen Rogan und Moschus … dann sprachen sie über die Pandemie, ein Thema, das keiner mehr kennt als der Rest von uns. Elon Moschus ist eine Legende und hat mich zur Kryptowährung motiviert. Ich habe das Glück, diese legitime Firma mit dieser legitimen Händlerin namens Mai_trades über Instagram zu finden, die mir beigebracht hat, wie man Bitcoin ohne Verlust handelt. Gott segne sie reichlich..

  8. hey can you plz do a review on a phone called bazardodo they have led light iphone cases and the art are pretty sick looking i’d wanted to buy one but like i didn’t wanna buy it without looking into it more

  9. This was almost as great a conversation as the first Rogan/Musk talk… then they started talking about the pandemic, a subject neither knows any more than the rest of us. Elon musk is a legend and motivated me into cryptocurrency and i'm lucky to find this legit company with this legit female trader called Mai_trades via instagram who taught me how to trade bitcoin without lost,God bless her abundantly!!

  10. So it's got a shiny cover with some old tin foil. Is that it?
    The phone coming out in 12 months is better than it.
    It's not got better hardware.
    Probably the extra metal reduces the phone signal and internet speed. Can you test it how much slower this is?

  11. You make this masterpiece and make it around Elon and all space x have achieved and its 1 of 1…. But you deccide to send it to Unbox therapy. Nice

  12. Ok so kind of crazy but… I built part of CRS-14😅 I’m a Mechanical Technician at Northrop Grumman and spent countless hours putting this thing together. Would love to have this memorabilia because my actual blood, sweat, and tears might be on this Mylar Foil. (JK it’s an ultra clean facility hahaha)

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