Crypto Mania Coming, Are You Ready To Get Rich?

Crypto Mania Coming, Are You Ready To Get Rich?

Crypto Bitcoin mania is here and building, are you ready to get rich? CELSIUS EARN 6.2% & $50 FREE BTC ▻▻ (Sign up via …


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  1. A lot of people are talking about a big correction (like in May) in December – perhaps more to the end of the month. If that happens, it will scare the new investor off….

  2. < Stay calm, thought we all got used to the ups and down of bitcoin, it hit ATH recently which made the price amazing for every early investors and will be back soon, it's just bouncing back to normal price for the rest of us which is good while for those who got in for the first time its otherwise. who hold the longest will profit the most, I trade and hold profits keep up the great work! Jeffrey and also Jeffrey Hawkins has been doing a great job reviewing all chart, trade and techniques on BTC which has enhance the growth of my portfolio to 16btc lately.,…

  3. Talking about getting rich when Bitcoin can’t hold 59k and is about to crash maybe. But yeah you get payed for those promotion videos. Tell everyone to invest in Altcoins in the middle of a bullrun… 🚀🚀🚀🚀

    Thank you for recycling News that are more than one week old. FUD-Channel!

  4. always hear the OGs saying "wait till the multi yr bear market arrives". anrt we on the cusp of a multi yr bull run, with mainstream adoption poised to drive it next year! or have i been hitting the Hopium, too much. thats not to say we wont have bear trends in the overall.

  5. <<Good work mate, I feel those who would allow the market dynamism to determine when to trade or not are either new in space in general or probably just naïve, the sphere have seen far worse times than this, enlightened traders continue to make good use of the dip and pump even acquiring more equities towards trading sessions, I'd say that more emphasis should be put into trading, since it is way profitable than holding. Trading went smooth for me as I was able to make over 7.1 BTC after I started at 2.9 BTC in just few weeks implementing trades with signals and insights from ‘Davis Thomas I would advise you all to trade your asset rather than holding for a future based on speculations.'🚀🚀..

  6. i am still waiting for this supposed explosion to happen…. just holding and dca into a few projects that i think will be good long term….

  7. I mean…..what if it reverses? Im as bullish as the next guy. Comparing crypto adoption to that of the internet is like comparing the wheels adoption curve to the volvo’s

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