NEW Quest 2 Games and Updates Coming Soon!

NEW Quest 2 Games and Updates Coming Soon!

More Resident Evil VR is coming to the Quest 2! Let’s talk about the RE4 VR update and New Quest 2 games coming soon today on BMF VR. Quest 2 Black …


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  1. The graphics the levels I mean everything should be so much better in the 21st generation!! Smh most games are just basic that look like crap just beta basic smh I hope that everything gets much better in 2022 bc right now this world is failing on games! Now that Facebook is creating a universe through oculus maybe developers will get serious!!

  2. Think they'll ever officially release RE4 on the OG Quest now that Application Spacewarp is a thing, or do you think they'll just continue to make it a Quest 2 exclusive to try to get everyone to upgrade?

  3. Will not play the new Resident Evil or GTA. Tell Facebook to make them right or leave them alone. That leave the content as it was during its original release.

  4. I maybe missing something but would love for u to do a video on how to shop on oculus quest store on phone app and in headset it's not streamlined like steam I can only find small amount of games on site but I know theirs more

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