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  1. As someone who may want to buy a Pokémon game but hasn't bought one since blue on my Gameboy colour. What's the best Pokémon game on the switch?

  2. The main campaign was yet another hand-holdy and forgettable story that we've already seen multiple times

    – Many Pokemon were cut, then sold later as DLC (or cut altogether)

    – Bare-bones routes that are extremely linear with no sense of exploration at all outside of the Wild Area

    – Mandatory EXP share which lead to easy over leveling and 0 challenge

    – Non-existent postgame content

    – Dynamax is an awful gimmick that will just be scrapped and replaced with the next gen gimmick like Megas and Z-Moves were

    – Uninspiring graphics that look more like an up-scaled 3DS game than a console game

  3. 90% of the hater comments are just people who were still pissy about Dexit.

    Sword and Shield was a perfectly fine Pokémon game.

  4. Finally beat this game after putting it down the being too easy. The game isn't balanced at all. Can have over leveled Pokémon and can't turn off exp share. This game is not worth 9 it's more in the range of a 6 out of 10.

  5. Game was entertaining, but stagnant at a point. Just routine, would have loved a team rocket, or an organization to fill the gaps. Instead, you just get a guy that wants to save the world by destroying it out of nowhere.??? Literally chasing gym badges and bam that bombshell is dropped on ya with nothing leading up to it, other than vague myths on the sword and shield hero.

  6. Okay personally this game from what I’ve heard is average at best but what makes this so non plausible “one of the best” this person has not played any of the other games have they?

  7. If you actually care about Pokémon and expect at least an average quality game from the highest grossing media franchise in the world then do not listen to this review and do not play sword and shield

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