Virtual Reality with Bald and Bankrupt 🇱🇹

Virtual Reality with Bald and Bankrupt 🇱🇹

Join us for Bald and Bankrupt’s first time trying Virtual Reality! Get your VR Headsets on and get ready for hilarity with @bald and bankrupt Sponsored Ad: …


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About the Author: Johnny FD


  1. Really bad integration, specially with this doggy type of technology, they look really poor and bad for you.

  2. Still say JFD is a dead ringer for ODD JOB. For you youngin's from the glory days of James Bond. Not the product placement Bond version of Today.

  3. You have to love how everyone looks like a twat playing Beat Sabre unless you can see the VR that they are seeing 🙂
    Although Johnny manages to look cooler than most.

  4. with you guys i forghet that i making food on the pan… kitchen was covered by burning food… thanks for great video! 🙂 and now going to brush pan…

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