AirPods Max = Pure Apple Luxury

Apple just launched its most expensive set of headphones the new AirPods Max. FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter …


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  1. This was a total impulse buy. Im sure I could have found similar phones for less. 😖😖😭😭😭 but they do sound phenomenal. I started to get those sony's though. I might return them unopened

  2. I'm looking forward to testing these. In our experience, most headphones like this work great on mobile phones but not so much on computers. When used for business on applications like Zoom, Ringcentral, etc we've noticed connectivity issues, limited range, and inconsistent voice quality.

    Hoping these ones are as good as they look!

  3. I'll wait for the Pro version… and I need for them to give me 5 hours of battery life after 10 minutes of charging like the Sony XM4.

  4. I was hoping for a review of the product, that was more like a lecture. Please review something fancier like a Lamborghini next time, you can do that without driving one too. Just make a bunch of judgments about the type of people who might buy a Lambo without getting behind the wheel. I’d get just as much out of that review. Personally, I just wanted to know about the audio experience and how that compares to my Bose headphones or the studio Sennheiser’s I use for monitoring in my DAW. They’re FRFR so not the best for listening to music outside the studio.

  5. Eh, i dont know i think I never liked Beats even when people were all about them I just was unimpressed and felt the design was too ugly to want on my head haha…I always felt they were “cheap”seeming and that has nothing to do with price.

  6. I had the XM3s and the Bluetooth won’t pair. The only reason I ordered the max is because it’s a Apple product and I know they should definitely have no pairing issues.

  7. If all you are doing is listening to music on the couch these headphones are not for you go to target and buy some $30 earbuds. If you are someone who works with music production and actually makes a living wage off of media production, then these headphones are stellar and extremely cheap for what they offer.

  8. Noone can catch their tail in this electrics will alwayse lose value this is a payed promotion I love music but for all the apple fans you are just going to keep buying because they will keep releasing

  9. Its so funny how yall talk about the cost. Yall do realize theres a class for people right? Rich, Average, and, Below Average. Apple is above average to rich, and people who constantly complain dont get anything :))

  10. I liked the Sony XM4's until one of ear cups made a constant crackling noise in ANC mode after a couple months from condensation getting into the circuit inside. It seems to be a common issue from forums online. I don't want to deal with Sony's bad customer service and go thru all the hassle trying to get them replaced so since I got the money I now own both and am gonna buy a nice third party case and toss the purse case in trash… problem solved.

  11. He said the truth 😂 I got a pair but I have Apple products they do hurt my ears after a couple hours but that’s with most over the ear headphones I wear glasses I have a short head short ears I’m physically disabled I’m short 😂

  12. I unsubbed you months ago because the way you talked was so over the top and annoying. Happy to come back to see you've toned it down and now talk like a normal human.

  13. Yeah like im going to wear 550 dollars headphones on the street waiting for someone pull them from my head while im vibing

  14. Hello, could you test the linklike classic 2 earbuds? These are some amazing budget earbuds with incredible quality for the price. I use them on an LG V40 with the quad dac and flac files. I even think these linklike earbuds are better than some really expensive one. Could you test them?

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