Bitcoin, One Simple Reason BTC Will Go Higher! [Crypto News 2021]

Bitcoin, One Simple Reason BTC Will Go Higher! [Crypto News 2021]

Bitcoin on simple reason BTC price will go up! NFT & Crypto news 2021 BUY UNSTOPPABLE DOMAINS ▻ RECEIVE …


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  2. Technically Bitcoin is quite superior in comparison to cash or other assets in terms of storage but how about the possible (even if not very probable) centralization of mining or the Wales that can control the price…??

  3. it was a pretty cool and mild dip, like a tzatziki… i was buying the dip with cro crackers out of the supercharger, then replenished some cro on the pullback with eth, and grabbed some 2 for 1 domains… was hoping cro would jump up again and waited until 5 to midnight but it was crabwalking… just saw they extended by 12 hours… i have too many domains already… added for example antimeta.wallet, dutchoven.dao, firstworld.wallet, metadisco.dao etc… if cro jumps up during the extension, i might splurge on two .x domains, those ain't as cheap…

  4. Notice how the scammers start all their messages with "nice video, great information" and then "I advice".
    How avout I advice all ya'll scammers to get a life and get the f outta here!

  5. Dude… you KNOW it's a RUN AWAY TRAIN… the Federal Reserve is gonna keep printing that fiat toilet paper. The Demorats got their heads jammed soooo far up their patoodies that they don't know what sunshine looks like.

  6. Lark, you said Bitcoin is expensive. Well, consider your future you looking back in the past. Bitcoin price in the future being above 1 Million makes your statement today look a bit unconsidered. I would say, Bitcoin is dirt cheap today.

  7. The fed could raise rates whenever they want. So the inflation can stop very quickly, what we doubt is the federal reserve and dc will make a political suicide and allow the markets to crash while they're still in office…

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