IGN Reviews – Bleach: Soul Resurrection Game Review

IGN gives its video review of the anime and manga based game Bleach: Soul Resurrection. Is this a battle worth fighting? IGN’s YouTube is just a taste of our …


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  1. Even though 50 episodes is nothing, I still appreciate back when IGN even had this going for them when it comes to reviews since nowadays, they're terrible with them (in my opinion & if you disagree that's fine).

  2. They should remaster this or at least bring it to Xbox one in future can't believe great anime games are for PS4 fans and that spiderman 😑

  3. Wtf meaningless story how can you say that when there are well over 300 episodes and you’ve only watched a little over 50? That’s like watching only the beginning of a movie and then reviewing it. So therefore this game review is pointless and obsolete

  4. id give it a 6 because it had so much more potential, perhaps they could of made a one piece style travel through the whole story yeah it would have a higher production cost but i guarantee it would sell better abroad if it were like that and not just the arrancar arc (by the way 50 episodes is appalling because the real meaty stuff is in the late 100's and mid 200's)

  5. Wait you only saw 50 episodes? You didn't even finish the second arc! Ive only watched 80 or so but I also have youtube that can skip the boring filler episodes and skip straight to the fights. Ah man I almost wanna buy it just to play as Kenpachi Zaraki!  What system is this on they don't say.

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