I'm OVER Smartphones…

I'm OVER Smartphones...

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G got me thinking about phones in 2019… Go subscribe to Jon Rettinger! https://www.youtube.com/user/jon4lakers The Galaxy …


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  1. Don't they know about the RAM, snapdragon, hertz, performance that have been increasing throughout the years? Smartphones will be as powerful as even PC one day

  2. When i think about my smartphone i start to feel anxious and miserable

    So i ignore it most of the time

    But when i get a call on my primitive portable phone with a monochrome screen,i feel genuinely happy

    I miss my Sony Ericsson T10…

    Everything was so much better before this technology obsession

  3. I'll admit smartphones keep getting tireder and tireder nowadays. I do love technology to a certain degree, but when is this shit gonna stop? All I keep seeing is a smartphone either with little or no bezels so it's basically just a glass screen. Not a fan of that. I don't have the gall to spend over a $1000+ on a smartphone, hell not even $600. I like something simple and functional for my everyday life. I'm not in to the latest specs like some (I'm not downing y'all 😁😁). But yes phones are getting ridiculously bigger. I wouldn't bee too surprised if there was an 8" or 9" phone. ( That's my imagination going wild 😜). I would agree for those with smaller hands, there needs to be more options instead of a out of control fad. Most if not all phones I see nowadays just go for looks. " Ooh wee, look what I got… A new shiny gadget!!!". It may be pleasing to look at, but what about the functionality? Take an all glass phone for example. It may be nice, but a person like me is a little clumsy. If I accidentally knock it off the counter and I see a crack, I would be dismayed in horror to see the smallest crack. Now one may say… Why didn't you get a case? In that scenario, I say " what if I didn't want a plastic or silicone case? I like the pretty glass." (That's a different story for a different day.) Anyway admittedly I love big phones. Not ridiculously big. I don't wear jeans much, and I have a purse I carry my phone in. All in all I stick with something that functions and works for me.

  4. You should of told him to guest the phone with them off and the screen facing him looolz, only thing might put all apart is the camera in the screen but all mostly look the same

  5. Everybody needs a smartphone, but right now there is too many options where the 1000$ smartphone has everything while the cheaper has cut out features that is a pain in the ass to find the right one. 1000$ for a phone is never worth the money! You can get a gaming laptop for that price!

  6. 2019 Austin: All smartphones are too similar and I'm pretty sure that in 2020 it's the same thing.
    2020 Austin: I have both Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Samsung Galaxy Fold from my time.
    2019 Austin: Well, I'm wrong. I guess phones won't be as boring as I tough.
    Edit: Dammit, the Samsung Galaxy Fold came out in 2019. Whoops…

  7. But when he is talking about apple it's all good things. He doesn't point out the bad. But when he is talking about android. It's all bad things. He doesn't point out the good in android devices

  8. They have become a commodity, a very expensive one, which no longer lets us replace batteries or use $4 earphones, difference are now slight and incremental AND HUGELY EXPENSIVE.

  9. Of COURSE someone who gets to review/use almost every new device out there, nothing short of the most cutting edge new tech will be exciting! Most of us are lucky to get a new midrange every 2 years, let alone a flagship or a new device every year! I'd kill to have a Poco F2, OnePlus 7T, or even this new TCL 10Pro, as they all make my prepaid Stylo4+ look stupid!

  10. to me, the cameras are always going to be impressive for me, the wide angles and picture quality keep getting better, also the foldables were pretty surprising, but besides that im not to excited when a new phone releases

  11. Both wearing apple watch talking about note 10. Atleast it has a different design. Look at iPhone 11. Same design as 2017 iPhone X and display from 2014 😂

  12. So I feel like the question of whether the iPhone killed phone designs is an incomplete one.

    Did the iPhone kill phone designs, or did the pursuit of capitalising on a successful design by other companies kill phone designs?

    I feel like, yes other companies could have continued to compete with apple’s design, but at the same time could’ve been no, and kept with their own designs. Maybe that would’ve tanked their companies, but perhaps that wouldn’t have lead to stagnant phone designs today.

  13. Samsung in a few years:
    S25e 5G
    S25Lite 5G
    S25 5G
    S25plus 5G
    S25pro 5G
    S25 Ultra
    S25 Ultra 5G
    S25 6G
    S25X 5G
    S25X 6G

  14. I'm getting the galaxy note 10 plus tomorrow and my parents said that that would be the last phone they would pay for me. I'm totally fine with that because I don't need minor upgrades every year. I'm sure the galaxy note 10 plus can survive for 4 years without becoming way behind in big smartphone changes. I totally agree with Austin.

  15. I got a note 10 plus in im still not satisfied. I come to realize this phone company's make the same phone over in over again with a bigger screen every year. When i said something about my note 10 plus ppl thought i was trippin lol

    Naw i aint trippin. It just my phone is not worth 1,100 dollars!!! Idc how new it is. Fuck that

  16. The physical designs of cell phones is irrelevant. To say the iPhone killed phone design is the same as saying the iPhone started the cell phone resolution. It's obvious.

    But physical design (apart from some obvious physical UI elements like the fingerprint scanner, camera configuration or physical button location) is irrelevant.

    Phones are all software now. So the design is all in the software. Implementation, connectivity, and features are more important than what the color of the phone is.)

    Companies are still innovating from a functionality standpoint.

    The next Gen will be, foldability, or flexible, or see through.

    Phone design is mature. We're ready for the next generation or revolution in smart phones, and foldability will probably be that.

  17. After under display cameras become standard I think companies may start making the entire screen able to read finger prints instead of one spot after that I don’t knit what else they could do besides increasing battery life and increasing camera quality

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