Top 10 Camera Drones $999 or less

Top 10 Camera Drones $999 or less

These are the 10 Best Camera Drones money can buy. You won’t be disappointed with any of these models. Links to all the drones shown in the video are …


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  1. I remember that you mentioned in one of your videos that you not get any sponsoring fro DJI, because you name a lot of other brands in your channel….. but funny to see today that there was an DJI advertising when I clicked on this video….

  2. Hi Captain
    Another great video.
    If I were to do a list of 10 best drone reviewers on YouTube you would definitely be at the top.
    By the way, I was lucky enough to receive stickers this time around. Thanks to you and your better half for your hard work.

  3. I love your content! I have a strange question. May I ask where you got your programable sub count sign? Keep up the great content. Eric

  4. This comment isn't related to this video. I don't know if you will review the mavic 3, but I'm confused about the different occusyncs, 2.0 3.0 and 3+. Is there a hardware difference between them, or is it only a software difference? The mavic 3 supposedly uses 3+, but the cheap controller that comes with it, may only be 2.0. Do you know anything about this Steve? I just found a new video that explains occusync very well.

  5. The cynic in me would say the Air 2S deliberately lacks side sensors as this would have scavenged sales from the Mavic 2 Pro (at the time it launched) and now Mavic 3 (although they've done a pretty good job of that anyway with the M3 pricing!). They need to give consumers a reason to upgrade afterall!

    US$900 for Mini 3? I doubt it. Their competition is coming from below, not above. Autel have shot themselves in the foot bit at that price.

  6. Hello Captain! I want a cheap drone (max 250$) for Instagram photos and for hobby droneing. I want the drone to save the photo directly to my phone, and I want a long flight time. Which drone do you recommend for this? (This will be my first drone) Thank you!

  7. Thank-you You Captain, for all you do for the drone world. All your reviews, the knowledge and tips you share, the outstanding FPV series , and giveaways.
    We all appreciate you.

  8. Still the same Zino's as last time. Wondering if I should wait until the next generation from Zino 🤔
    Maybe the Captain have some input, is it worth waiting?
    No immediate need for a drone, just nice to have and a fun toy 😀

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