Hawkeye Episode 3 Review

Hawkeye Episode 3 Review

Watch our Hawkeye review for Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye episode 3, streaming on Disney Plus this week. In Hawkeye episode 3, Clint and Kate’s brilliant …


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  1. My only gripe is the use of the naive sidekick character trope with Kate.
    It just makes me grit my teeth. Jar Jar, Scrappy Doo, Sailor Chibi Moon, Syndrome, Etc.
    Who invented this trope?! Why do we still use it? Lol

  2. Why do all the bots keep saying "this episode was 10x better than the first two episodes" when this episode was lame too but the only thing cool about it was seeing Kingpin for a split second.

  3. The lesson of this show so far for the MCU is the same as the original lesson from the 1st Iron Man film: Focus on character.

    Not CG or comic book super power emphasis – unless you only want to appeal to kids.

    If we care about the characters we get interested in the story.

  4. This is by far the best Disney+ MCU series. WandaVision was hit or miss but mostly misses especially with 2 first episodes. Falcon and Winter Soldier went wrong direction after while and lacked chemistry that Kate and Clint have. Loki was mostly okay but nothing special. Here we have great sense of humor and great action.

  5. This show (so far) is honestly better than the Falcon & The Winter Soldier series. The first episode of that series was great, it was a great start… but then it just fell hard in the next couple of episodes that came after the first one. It felt like it also kinda had some underlying agendas even. And I'm not impressed by Falcon as the new Captain America. He could hardly take on a few thugs, even with the shield and fancy new wings. All because he'd rather virtue signal, and not take the Super Soldier serum, and give speeches all day.

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