Observing Supermassive Black Holes in Virtual Reality

We present a full VR 360 general-relativistic ray-tracing and radiative transfer calculations of accreting supermassive black holes. We performed state-of-the-art …


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  1. How fast is the movement? With a diameter of 54 million miles we're looking at the circumference of the accretion disk at around 170 million miles. If the accretion disk moved at the speed of light (which it most certainly isn't) this video would have to be sped up by something like 1000 times for it to look like this. Also, would we actually see this? At least the jets aren't within the visible spectrum so we wouldn't see that. I'm betting most of the accretion disk isn't either.

  2. For me, black holes are the most fascinating and terrifying objects in the universe. If only we could see inside and understand exactly what is happening in there. Unfortunately this is one thing we will never be able to achieve. Stunning graphics by the way!

  3. NO such thing as

    black holes , that which gives of no light is dark not fucking black.

    Holes can never have mass no matter what fucking universe your in.

    Here`s the truth,

    John Michell (/ˈmɪtʃəl/; 25 December 1724 – 21 April 1793) was an English natural philosopher and clergyman who provided pioneering insights in a wide range of scientific fields, including astronomy, geology, optics, and gravitation. Considered "one of the greatest unsung scientists of all time",[1] he was the first person known to propose the existence of black holes in publication, the first to suggest that earthquakes travel in waves, the first to explain how to manufacture artificial magnets, and the first to apply statistics to the study of the cosmos, recognizing that double stars were a product of mutual gravitation. He also invented an apparatus to measure the mass of the Earth. He has been called both the father of seismology and the father of magnetometry.

    The term “black hole“ was itself coined in 1968 by the Princeton physicist John Wheeler, who worked out further details of a black hole's properties. The most common black holes are probably formed by the collapse of massive stars.

    John Archibald Wheeler was fucking literal christian and had no place in science let alone naming shit.

    we already know you do not need a fucking massive star to forma dark star.4-6 solar masses is not massive.

    Stephen Hawking is dead let him and his fucking nutcase theories die with him.

  4. All Galaxies are SupraCosmic Gods, In the Center of Our Galaxy is The Light Home of Our Supra Cosmic Creator. There He Dwells As The Primeval Principle, The Source of All Matter In Our Galaxy. From His Central Location He Conducts Matter into HyperSonic Gods Called Stars.

    With His Divine Spirit He Carries Them On The Super Winds To A Set Location in One Of The Spirals of His Body. From There The HyperSonic Gods Create TerrestrialGods Called Planets and Moons.

  5. Very very beautiful! Wow, this is a "sсhizantera"!

    But for Kip Thornе in Interstellar all the effects looked very different. Who to believe? No one to believe?

    Очень-очень красиво! Бля, это «шизантера»!

    Но у Кипа Торна в Межзвездном все эффекты выглядели совсем иначе. Кому верить? Никому не верить?

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