Smartphones: The Dark Side – BBC

Smartphones: The Dark Side - BBC

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  1. this is not the dark side of the smartphone
    but social media
    i think u will give information about smartphone company marketing gimmick

  2. Since I discovered YouTube I seem to spend a lot of time having disputes with people I wouldn't DREAM of meeting in real life. Partly it's useful to have my own convictions prodded .. but some comments are vaguely alarming. Come the revolution I'll be hung from a lamppost till I piss myself and choke to death. Apparently.

  3. Being a role model is the key too. Children learn by copying. 50-80% of adults on a bus or train are on their smart phones, they actually encourage it with free wifi. You might see a few folk not actually on their phones but still grasping them in their hands, almost like it's like a comfort thing.

  4. Shouldn't judge social media by the worst examples of its outcome. Bullying along with the need to have friends and belong has always been there. Most young people have balanced lives where they do a range of stuff – playing sports, studying, cinema, shopping, video gaming, music, working, watching tv….social media is just about communicating and sharing content.

  5. For all the young people..remember that most are followers..don’t walk behind anyone..let them see your do not have to prove yourself

  6. I see too many people these days that cannot venture anywhere, even stores and cafes, without the phone in front of there face and tethered to a dog leash with the other hand..very dependent and insecure

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