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  1. This game tried SO HARD to become a Hollywood movie and forced us to cry over the male-centric boring family drama. It was disappointing, really. The first game wasn’t like that.

  2. This Game is way too hard, you van only beat it with superstrenght Mode, it actually a realism mode case only this way shotgun Became on hit weapon what it actually supposed to be

  3. Its one of the greatest horror games ever made. Might be the greatest. Semi open world structure and so many options to customize your experience. Its Resident Evil+Silent Hill+Fallout.

  4. you review a boss that is literally is wearing a protective mask. then go on to say the game doesnt tell you, you are getting headshots? if you played the first game, you should know that certain bosses dont flinch as much. it leaves me to believe, have you ever even played the re games before. because this game is literally re 4 in a different universe. upgrading you guns counts to the RNG of getting crits. Not only that, shooting bosses in the head doesnt always mean it is it's weak spot. that bosses was so easy as well. games like evil within and RE games. you always need to look around at the environment to exploit and not just use your guns.

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