Why Does This $10,000 Gucci Xbox Exist?

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  1. I would love that trunk (it turns into a jewelry case) and give the console to my son. It seems that was the goal of this collab, one for the lady and the other for whoever likes to play. The problem are the colors, not really fashionable together and Gucci could have done much better, using their own traditional dark green or making a custom color inbetween theirs and xbox' green. Those leather trims + xbox name would look amazing in uniformed custom green on beige Gucci canvas.

  2. Fashion and lifestyle/ tech collaborations are the future of fashion and consumerism.
    We will see more and more of this going forward.

  3. What about the galaxy z flip 3? in a sense that is a phone that has become a fashion product on itself. The advertising show it like is not only a phone but also a fashion statement.

  4. Wonder if the big number of dislikes on this video are from people mad about dislikes being removed and don't know there's an extension to get them back

  5. They seem to have forgetten who is the majority of people using xboxes. Hint: It isn't adults seeking this kind of crap. As far as the customising is conceerned it's nothing short of pathetic and look at the xbox branding on the suitcase. What a joke, it looks like phosphorecent tape.
    Worst collab I've ever seen. 0/20
    To say Hermes properly, pronounce it "air-mess". It ill sound a lot closer, promise.

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