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  1. I just met you in person in Beverly Hills Ben. I was the valet driver outside that helped you. Thanks for being awesome, and not like most other celebrities when I meet them. You’re a stand up guy Sir! I will continue to watch you daily!

  2. This guy was cry his eyes out 3 days ago goes to 40 I’m all out guys and this is your Bitcoin god fuck dat bantom fam 🖕

  3. The end of July prediction worked out for ya. Sept 28th 100k prediction didn't not even close..think there a couple more bad predictions. Think maybe your source is doing you dirty. Why not go off your own opinion? Seems like your being told important info from a source that's not to reliable.. You keep predicting exact days and shiz like 100 k by Christmas. Why 100k and why Christmas? I'm being told I'm being told you keep saying. By who? Let's have em on the show

  4. Don't listen to any stupid YouTuber. No one can predict market. Don't be whales s victim. Use only % 15 of your capital or you will regret later

  5. Be careful of scammers guys, they tell you to message them on whatsapp, and they try to get you to invest in cryptovistuk, total scam be careful

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