Halo Infinite Review Discussion (No Spoilers!) – Unlocked 523

Halo Infinite Review Discussion (No Spoilers!) - Unlocked 523

This week’s episode is all about Halo Infinite. We can FINALLY talk about it now that the review embargo has lifted. We discuss everything we did and didn’t like …


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    00:00:15 – Intro, IGN Turns 25, & The Game Awards

    00:04:20 – Halo Infinite Campaign Review & First Impressions

    00:12:50 – Open World & Zeta Halo Impressions

    00:25:20 – Halo Campaign Bosses, Tips & Tricks

    00:35:40 – Halo Infinite Story Impressions

    00:48:40 – The Future of Halo From Here

    01:02:18 – 343 Industries Promises New Playlist & PvP Modes

    01:07:20 – What's Coming to Xbox Game Pass in December

    01:09:59 – Unlock-Block Trivia & Outro

  2. Looking forward to the campaign, but I cannot believe how much was excluded from this game that’s coming later. So much friggin drama surrounding this release. It’s like Cyberpunk all over again. And I don’t want to hear what “343 has been through”. No one cares. It’s simple, make the game if you want. If you don’t want to make the game, don’t.

  3. I am officially off work until after new years (I save my vacation days until end of the year.) I was super excited to play through Halo campaign but of coarse today of all days my kids had a snow day 🙁

  4. I'm sorry to do this but Ryan. Why are you saying they did good at bringing in new players to multiplayer? They don't even let people play just team deathmatch. Making new players play ctf when in every other shooter you can choose. Sorry I'm so upset about this but you keep ignoring this.

  5. A little confession: at this point, I don't have a clue what Halo story is about. My first Halo has been 3 and since then, gameplay is what brings me back. I'm very excited about this one, specially because it hasn't come full open world (I'm a little burned out because of Assassins Creed and the likes).

  6. I'd never get upset over delays or missing features but the fact that this group ignores the fact that Slayer isn't it's own playlist is creeping me out like there is some conspiracy. It's like they know whoever is in charge of the business aspect and just pretend the playlist lies don't exist.

  7. Love the game. Only thing is whoever was in charge of putting out MP without a dedicated team Slayer playlist needs demoted as it's the dumbest decision since armor lock in 2010 for player retention.

  8. am bit lost here i hearing these guys on the podcast saying they already beat the campaign ??? how is that possible and the game will be release today i dont get it

  9. I took the day off today to play the campaign, like I have done for every other Halo game. I have been SO excited to try it out. I went into the Halo Infinite menu and selected campaign, but the splash screen said it wasn’t available until the 8th of December.It IS the 8th of December but still can’t play, even though I have Gamepass Ultimate. I uninstalled-reinstalled the game, no luck, I freed up more space, I rebooted my Series X, I tried to download it through the app, I tried to play it through the cloud, I tried on my office Series X and I still can’t play the campaign.
    I rang Xbox support, which is a torturous experience these days, and after dropped calls and waiting on hold for ages I was eventually told I can’t play it until 6pm tonight, WTF? All the promos, ads, YouTube videos, posts, etc, just said 8th December, but now it’s suddenly 6pm.
    I took a really valuable day off work and I still can’t play the Halo Infinite campaign.
    I am so so so annoyed right now.

  10. I'm confused why do people keep saying things like "you know I never like ooen world this and I get bored in open world games that…… but because it's done in Halo…… SMH"

  11. I think they might follow the same format as destiny and Sea of Thieves with some yearly DLC to expand the world and give us new areas to explore.

  12. Been a Halo guy since CEs launch 20+ years ago now. I am so looking forward to finally play Infinite especially after the dumpster fire that was Halo 5

  13. Hope Joe Staten stays at 343. I feel he is the only reason the developers had the vision and confidence to dig themselves out of that Halo Infinite development hell hole.

  14. Just the fact that the consensus is that 343 has created a competent, solid campaign is an achievement nowadays. Massive props to Joseph Staten and his team for landing this bad boy.

  15. Do you guys remember Spartan Ops from Halo 4? Whenever I heard Infinite was the base for the next 10 years of Halo I thought something similar to Spartan Ops. Weekly episodic bite size missions with story. Obviously it’s been about 10 years so they can make them more enjoyable then it was in the past. Or I kind of feel like the Destiny route and we could get major expansions each year and tie the multiplayer storyline into it and that explains locations for new maps

  16. Another Halo stream, Americans are really overdoing the hype. Halo is a bang average game that has no innovations,just a new coat of paint. Glad I can skip this video too😂

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