Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition Review

Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition Review

Spoiler Warning: This review shows a few seconds of footage of the final boss. Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition reviewed …


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  1. We've heard your feedback and have added a spoiler warning to the description of this review, and we apologize to anyone who felt spoiled by footage of the final boss. Given the age of Borderlands and the widely known criticism of this particular fight it didn't occur to us that people interested in this series might not have seen it. But with new gamers joining our ranks every day, a warning certainly makes sense and is something we'll keep in mind when reviewing remasters going forward.

  2. Picked this up for $9 for the ps3. Absolute steal. Looking forward to playing this for sure. Any game that has DLC INCLUDED IN THE GAME is doing something right.

  3. The PC free upgrade is EXACTLY what it needed. If you owned this game previously on older consoles (especially Xbox 360 for the compatibility) and all dlc, you don’t have much here to look forward to aside from better frame rates auto pickup, and unnecessarily generous drops. For PC, this is the glorified patch people have been wanting since day 1, the games remotely stable now & doesn’t require knowledge of running through an ini file to optimize, or code in an fov button every time the game fixes itself back to 70. The game runs without extra credit from you & im glad it wasn’t something they charged full price for. They got it right here in that aspect & I commend them for it.

  4. Can someone please explain the inventory…
    I dropped a weopon and tried to pick it bakc up but it said there was no more room…
    Can someone please explain?

  5. Hadnt played it in years and I missed out on 2 of the DLC campaigns so it was fun to go back in play through twice and get my Siren up to cap. Now to play through BL2 and then TPS and to wrap up with Tales. =)

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