You Can’t Believe This HUGE Crypto & Bitcoin News!!!

You Can’t Believe This HUGE Crypto & Bitcoin News!!!

HUGE crypto news! Solana, Polygon, Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFTs, and Defi! PHEMEX 10% OFF & $3600 FREE …


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  1. Lark, the biggest crypto news story of 2021 happened about 10 days ago and barely even made the news. After 6 long years the founder of Veritaseum, Reggie Middleton, has finally had his Defi patent approved by the US government. I believe that letters are going out after the New Year…..He did post a livestream about this 7 days ago on his 'Reggie Middleton' YouTube channel. You may want to go take a look. Cheers

  2. Polygon so your main business case is your cheaper than eth to transfer, solution is to make your coin more expensive, oh wait a minute. Burning in a non pow coin is just a cash grab just copying not actually making a long term solution for your token.

  3. Hi Lark noone is covering the silent NFT crash, most down between 30 and 70% since a month ago and way more since the summer. I think we all would like to know if summer 2021 was just tulip mania (the prices have been insane) or if this is just a NFT winter and they are likely to bounce back with mass adoption. Noone seems to have much to say about this! Curious as to what you think

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