Half-Life: Alyx Review

Half-Life: Alyx Review

Half-Life: Alyx reviewed by Dan Stapleton on PC with Valve Index. “One of the first things that struck me when I started playing …


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  1. Game sadly does not compare to even the fan made half life 1 vr, on oculus quest.
    Theres just very little combat. Loads of fake grain, to make it look blurrier.

    Even on my 3090 and disabling adaptive scaling through a command prompt, it just looks ok. But it still runs rough! Even on a 3500mb/sec nvme, long load times. Frame pacing issues galore.

    RE4 on oculus quest 2, is what Alyx should have been.

  2. Half-Life fans waited soooooo long for a third title( even if it's happening before the events of Half-Life 2)

    And Half-Life 3 is confirmed so it's going to happen guys

  3. Valve only makes games when they have an opportunity to revolutionize the industry. They set the bar so damn high back in the day, that they didn't have to show up the entire industry for 10 years.

  4. 2:02 this video does not do this game justice, in VR, that soldiers gun barrel is almost in your face, the characters are life size and are extremely menacing to behold. Just got an index and started playing this.

  5. VR is still a very tiny potion of game market. Only if Sony and M$ join into it, otherwise you won’t see any 3A title like Alyx. Imagine if naughty dog, Santa Monica, capcom join it, then VR will have a boost up. Otherwise, keep playing alyx and don’t expect any similar level of 3A title.

  6. This game took me over 22 hours to complete much more than the 15 hours it took IGN. I loved it so much I looked for all the hidden objects and was rewarded for it. Amazing game, and amazing ending.

  7. They released the reveal trailer few months before the game's release, because they knew the game was complete, unlike most games today, like CP77

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