What They're NOT TELLING YOU About This Bitcoin DUMP! (be ready!)

What They're NOT TELLING YOU About This Bitcoin DUMP! (be ready!)

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  1. interesting on the monthly rsi chart – it also shows bearish divergence between the March 2021 and October 2021 closing prices. This provides a good explanation for why prices are down. If there is a higher low on monthly (ie above 35k on june 2021 close), this will likely see two hidden bullish divergences with the June 2021 and September 2020 lows….interesting times ahead

  2. I'm a student of Steve's, originally I thought the videos were a gimmick but after taking just the indicators alone and using the instructions that Steve gives out with them it's helped me time the market tremendously.

    I will probably be getting the course bundle on the next sale because this Christmas I was able to do a little bit more for my family. πŸ€™

  3. So from your analysis in the video you have made it plainly obvious that we are heading into a bear market period. I can't afford your courses but I love your videos. Have a Happy New Year, Steve 😊

  4. I'd really like to do your courses and actually started registering last year before life threw some curveballs. I'm in a somewhat transitory place now and wonder if you could offer any more (further) discretionary discount for me.

  5. I’m a student of Steve’s. I have loved his courses and have learned so much. So true, knowledge is power. I’m a retired teacher/Principal with several undergraduate and post graduate degrees. You will not find a better crypto teacher than Steve.

  6. The Crypto Crew Universtity Course is outstanding. There is soo much detailed information, and everytime you watch the video's and read the detailed information new understandings are always gained. Steve is fantastic and it's a complete Professional Package. The knowledge you will gain is for a life time. Now is the time to invest in your education for 2022. Have a Fantastic Year Steve and the Team. Thank YoU for all the support and the amazing course. Peace and Love

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