God of War: PC vs PS5 Performance Review

God of War: PC vs PS5 Performance Review

God of War PC release is finally here after 4 years as a Playstation exclusive. With our in-depth PC Performance review, we are …


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  1. More proof that Sony was smart to release games on PC. They bought a porting company just to do this. Now I'll be getting all Sony games on PC. No need for Playstation consoles anymore.

  2. PC is always going to be better graphically. And as an overall machine. The possibilities are endless. Consoles do better as a fixed entertainment system with faster access to games.

  3. Have played this on the PS4 Slim 1TB. Might look into getting it for my PC, wondering how it might run under a Ryzen 5 2600, 16GB 3000MHz RAM, and a 1050ti graphics card. Hard drives are an NVME SSD 500GB (Samsung 980) and a 2.5 SSD 500GB (Western Digital Blue)

  4. If people think this is being ported to PC as a kindness you're insane. It's really smart, allow PC players to fall in love with it, then a few months later when GOW2 releases, you're gonna have people buy a PS4 or 5 just to experience the sequel

  5. FSR actually has extra overhead compared to DLSS due to using shades for processing and the quality levels correspond to one resolution level lower than DLSS for the same setting name.

  6. Back in 2016 when Microsoft start to launch Xbox One games on PC:
    "Xbox has no exclusives" "no one needs a Xbox to play"
    When Sony do The same:" Big win for games" and no one says that Playstation has no games.

  7. Why the hell are they using FSR to demonstrate things like textures settings? Turn that off so we can see the actual difference and then if you wanted to test it with the FSR on that's one thing… it's almost like nobody's ever seen a digital foundry video before. FSR or dlss for that matter shouldn't be your baseline, actually especially dlss because it can make things sharper depending on the upscale, I've given up trying to get people to show dlss in motion because it's very different when you're moving in the game world then when you're standing still but whatever that's still just really unprofessional for whoever put this together.

  8. According to Steam data, the majority of users are still on an GTX 1060. It would be nice to see review data covering hardware that the majority seem to have as well. Myself, im curious how my 1070 will run the game at 1080p. With the GPU market in such a mess, many of us havent been able to upgrade to newer hardware yet.

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