Max Keiser Says His $220,000 Bitcoin Call Is Coming, Plans to Exit Gold and Silver Completely

Max Keiser Says His $220,000 Bitcoin Call Is Coming, Plans to Exit Gold and Silver Completely

“The demand for Bitcoin is virtually infinite,” as fiat money trends towards zero, says Max Keiser of the Keiser Report, founder of …


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  1. I will give you 6000 satoshis for a cup of coffee because a cup of coffee is worth about $3. And make it quick. I want it hot.

  2. I like max in the way he talks real and understands bitcoin,but he is a maxi,everything is bitcoin,he don't understand the use cases of defi and web 3 and also the TA ISSUE!!He is the type that is stuck in his way and just that,kinda makes me worried about bitcoin because the people that do that are mostly doing it to convince themselves.Hopefully that's not it and he is just nieve to TA and close minded to everything else. but bitcoin.

  3. Bitcoin is a con! Only a few people own most of it. Nothing as a great hedge has huge swings like Bitcoin. It’s all hype because he’s one of the whales that bought in for $1 or something. Bitcoin does nothing in reality. It’s all speculative & FOMO. FOMO & Greed lead to going broke!

  4. Lol, I laugh when you see these reports on people in El Salvador hating Bitcoin. People paid by the riches of the opposition, the international mafia family (IMF), banks, etc. Seeing these reports and angled photos and videos to make it look like a bunch of people opposite it is laughable

  5. A lot of people don't understand him…he delivers his a message with a lot of satire. He has made financial stories exciting and bearable. Love his show.

  6. The world's biggest and smartest countries (sorry USA hahaha) are all stockpiling GOLD. Bitcoin has no physical value. No physical worth. No physical tangibility. None. If the electricity and network goes out, those who go all in with Max advise will have and be worth zero. Comments?

  7. Gold Bugs: “China, Russia, India, the US, Poland, Germany, and many other sovereigns are buying & holding gold consistently at very high levels.”
    Bitcoiners: “El Salvador is buying Bitcoin!”

  8. ..Well…I heard from another source that Things in Europe are Getting DEADLY SERIOUS about the Un-Vaxxed…Italy will impose DRACONIAN RULES for those that Have their Bank Accounts..!!..NO VAXX…NO MONEY for you…If this Isn't TRUE…Then don't mind me…And erase this statement…And it looks like Other Countries WILL FOLLOW.!~!

  9. The problem with bitcoin is that he cannot scale. Also one bitcoin transaction equal 75 gallons of fuel. It’s not very green or stainable and no one is building paint rails on top of bitcoin. I don’t like how bitcoin Maxis do not point out the flaws in bitcoin and practically no one is using bitcoin to send payment or remittances.

  10. He went off the deep end. I listened to him 2-3 years and was way more even-keel. Now he sounds like a borderline psychopath, regardless of your stance on bitcon/gold. This is more like a desperate plea to keep the gravy train rolling, not an actual argument on why anyone should care.

  11. Max is steering so many Americans to lose all of their savings—and it will happen right when they need their money the most. It’s sad to see Stansberry allowing him to pump, unchecked.

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