When Tech Companies Lie to Us…

Tech company lies exist on a spectrum. How far is too far? (Did you know 1-inch camera sensors are not 1 inch?) DonutMedia …


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  1. To be honest we don’t know if the roadster should have an asterisk as it’s not here yet… let’s wait to see, it might actually do it

  2. Haha, using old terminology to refer to new tech (1 inch sensor) is just like the lightbulb analogy. We used to use 60W incandescents but with the efficency of bulbs and everything, they're probably down to a fraction (maybe 8W or 12W or even lower), but we still refer them as 60W*

    (* – Meaning 60W equivalents)

  3. Я считаю, что любые громкие заявления на презентациях и в интервью направлены в первую очередь на инвесторов и акционеров. Если смотреть через такую призму, это позволяет относиться с пониманием к любой такой рекламе, сохраняя здоровый скептицизм.

  4. Also I think that the Megapixel count on the cameras is misleading, I mean you have 108MP, but it's usually binned down to regular 12MP. Having 9 times the Megapixel count doesn't mean that the photo will be 9x better/crispier.

  5. Ppl. who made money of their videos supporting another ppl. who made money in videos. You bought you fault who care about Tesla. Probably you get slammed several times from their public relations team and now complain to couple thousands. You buy shit,sweam or sink is n it

  6. Well, then you also have the illegal lies, like cable companies stating their HDMI cables make your picture have deeper blacks and richer colors, that their Ethernet switches provide higher quality audio transmission, etc.

  7. I've heard numerous auto journos say 0-60 is a seriously unrepresentative measure of a car's acceleration, and the numbers obtained often come from mechanical abuse or borderline destruction of the car's drivetrain. Look at the 1/4 mile time & trap speed instead.

  8. OMG… I thought a "four thirds" sensor was ~1.3 inches! And I thought a 1/1.7 sensor was a bit bigger than a half inch. At least a "full-frame" 35mm sensor is STILL 35mm.

  9. I very much think that it's a lie by omission. I knew that there is no way that sensor could be actually 1 inch, be it in width or diagonally because of the relative size of the bump compared to the rest of the phone. But understandably many people won't question it and end up buying it sounds so huge. I think it's very clear that in today's world this reference to cathode tubes exists solely to deceive. There are plenty real specs you could tell the potential buyer about that could make it interesting, even for your average consumer. You could say it is the customers fault for being gullible and uneducated, but that doesn't change your intention. Not that companies bother with that of course

  10. Concepts are not vaporware, they are… concepts.
    We call vaporware stuff that had a few release dates announced over the years but wasn’t actually produced.

  11. I’ve been watching since the Microsoft wireless 6000 review days and this is one of the most informative videos I think you’ve done. Great job!

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