GET READY!!!! THE BITCOIN MOMENT WE’VE WAITED FOR!!! [massive truth bomb dropped!]

GET READY!!!! THE BITCOIN MOMENT WE’VE WAITED FOR!!! [massive truth bomb dropped!]

Bitcoin may just be ready for its next major move! Blink and miss it! But wait… If $BTC is correlated to stocks and the FED is …


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    Intro Credit:

    0:00 Intro
    2:36 Bitcoin Analysis
    6:51 Buy The Dip?
    8:15 Miner Capitulation
    9:15 The Herd Is Coming!
    11:14 FED Hikes/BTC Prediction
    13:23 Bitcoin Stocks Correlation
    17:00 Bitcoin Adoption
    20:15 Crypto Adoption
    21:21 Final Thoughts

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  2. Saw this lady Kitco also interview Harry Dent (not the guy from the Batman movie) who stated that 2022 the market will crash 95% for BTC. hehe

  3. As Michael Saylor says "Bitcoin is the Apex asset" So the question is, if you sell Bitcoin what are you going to buy instead? Exactly! HODL on…..

  4. K dizzle always blessing us with the truth. Lord Jesus continue to bless and encourage this brother in all things. Btw man you know your stuff. Really appreciate your views brother.

  5. 1. Should we be concerned with Miners selling? No they don't sell any longer to cover expenses – they borrow against holdings.
    2. Should we be worried about Inflation? No it's already price in.
    3. Should we be worried about BTC coupled to legacy market? Yes. It suppresses price dramatically and will continue until alts decouple (likely 2023)

  6. Every Crypto investor right now is just smiling at the price of Crypto as it held strong and indeed valuable enough to generating good ROI. More persons are gonna become millionaires and we have Crypto thanks for that

  7. Love your videos bro. But you can't go telling people to invest rainy day fund into bitcoin. A rainy day fund is money that you need for a rainy day, so why would you put that in any investment? Not 100% of it. So I would think if someone has $30,000 in their rainy day fund sitting in the bank they could put maybe 10,000 or 15,000 of that into bitcoin. I think Bitcoin is going well past 100,000 so I'm bullish on it but that doesn't mean it can't drop all the way down to 10,000. Don't invest more than what you are willing to lose

  8. Proabably the reason shitcoin is crashing is because of competition, people maybe chose not to stack sats but buy other shitcoins like shib because it's "cheap". What does capitulation even mean? Saying confusing stuff without explaining it. Maybe there is more focus on "metaverse" garbage right now or maybe iso 20022 compliant tokens that can actually be utilized for payments.

  9. You said Francis’s name perfectly and the stocks are correlated to cryptos now because the institutional investors can’t stand ‘not being in on the action’ and they have the dollars (money printer go brrrr) to burn so I think we win both ways, if the markets bounce, they will invest even more and we win, if not, I think these investors (now using personal funds) along with the rest of the world that knows will invest into BTC and we will see that decoupling we always talk about so imho its a win win both scenarios .. cmon BTC .. digital currencies are mostly decentralized, cleaner, efficient and not as cumbersome as some of the past stores of value (gold) all great and all but how hard is it to transfer the physical stuff without multiple intermediaries … amazing video and LLAP my
    Brother and once again thanks for the weekend update!!!!!

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