Growing a World Wonder | Virtual Reality film | NEW 2016

Growing a World Wonder | Virtual Reality film | NEW 2016

Desktop: Just click & drag to move around shot. Mobile: Open in YouTube app and tilt screen. Google Cardboard: Check …


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  2. Когда удивился не великой стене, а тому, что можно вертеть телефоном и видео поворачивается, а ещё тому, что я понял практически всё, что она сказала на английском 😃

  3. Blatantly, there's at least one (i.e. more) vehicles there capable of fitting a power-takeoff so that odd activity of "shove a stick in the ground, monty-python-holy-grail-style" is not needed. "Just $2 a month helps fund VR drones for this Tropico3 native enclave. Donate in time for next year's GoPatreonStartMe's project to cleft a worm in twain with a shovel and hoik an endoscope up each half, so you can preorder its remake of Microcosm on 3DO."

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