Best Stock Android Smartphones (2022)

Best Stock Android Smartphones (2022)

Reviewing the best Android smartphones in 2022 with that stock Google UI, no added launcher shenanigans. Including the Pixel …


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  1. Pixel 6, even at £599 (and many of us have paid far less ahem Vodafone ahem) is the best value of all of these if you buy it at or close to launch because of 5 years of security updates. Android One and Moto are irrelevant for value in comparison if you consider the cost of the device divided by the years of support it will get.

  2. Nokia need to sort out the size of their phones, same with Motorola, they are just too big to fit in a pocket.

  3. "Nipple section" ??? That's new, I love it, hell I love me some Android One but for my eventual introduction to 5G you seem to be suggesting that I migrate from Nokia to Pixel since there are no Motos where I leave. Or is there something from HMD on the horizon? PS I still love me some circular centralized camera action

  4. Dear Mr. Spurt.
    I desperately need your expertise. I need to get a new mobile soon. I need a 3,5 mini jack and good/great specs. I am very close to buying a Zenfone 8. The only downside to that one is the quite boring design. Anyhoo – just as I was about to make the ASUS purchase I saw a lot of new phones being announced. So … Should I go for the zenfone or is there something more sexy that meets my requirements on the way?

  5. Google isn't our friend at the moment. Despite many precautions, overgrown kittens have managed to chomp through three Nest Mini Speaker cables.
    Guess what Google don't supply separately?
    Anyone want to buy a wireless speaker?

  6. Been on Android since the original T-Mobile G1 and have seen some crap add on overlays by manufacturers the worst being the Sony Xperia's of old. I hated having repeated apps and the updates were slow to come through. Dropped onto the pixel range with the 2 (still usable as a spare), then the 4xl, which despite what the reviewers said at the time was (and still is) a belting phone. Just recently I've just upgraded to the Pixel 6 and am loving it. Stock Android is just so simple and uncluttered.

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