Bitcoin: Will A Capitulation Fuel The Next Rally?

Bitcoin: Will A Capitulation Fuel The Next Rally?

Before #Bitcoin sees sustained uptrends that last more than a few weeks, we often first have to see some type of capitulation …


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  1. The cycle is over, we had a massive volume run, then we had a VERY anemic second leg on no volume and a massive bearish divergence on RSI. Meanwhile tech and innovation stocks are getting sold off, sentiment is fearful, markets pricing in rate hikes in 2022.

    Whatever will happen will have to result from something new. The only thing that can change the course now is something like spot ETF from GBTC buying another 500k BTC and reverse everything. How likely is that?

  2. someone somewhere has to sell the bottoms, it's part of the NGU tech thesis. Until everyone understands what Bitcoin truly is, capitulations will occur

  3. Something to note . In 2017 we held the line (bsb) at 3k in sept and then did not fall below this level neither in 2018 nor in 2020 liquidations. However, rn we have held the line at 40k in Sept,2021. Like, there is no more room for capitulation like before.

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