Smartphone heat test: iPhone 6S+ v S7 Edge v HTC 10 v LG G5 v Nexus 6P v OnePlus 3

Smartphone heat test: iPhone 6S+ v S7 Edge v HTC 10 v LG G5 v Nexus 6P v OnePlus 3

You’ve asked for it so we’ve put it together, a gaming smartphone heat test! For those of you who play games on your mobile, …


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  1. Super late to the party, but besides that this test is inaccurate because of reasons already mentioned plenty of times. It is also being interpreted wrong, the fact that the HTC10 is the hottest means it can lose it's heat the fastest, so it is actually one of the best for gaming because it will start throttling down later. As most Snapdragons 820's will produce roughly the same heat for the same jobs.
    This is also the way the HTC 10 is designed, it has a heatpipe from the CPU directly to the aluminium case. So it should warm up more then the others and therefore dissipate more heat.

  2. It's kinda dumb to place the phones right to each other, it's like common sense to give them some space to disipate freely thier heat and not have come other heat source right next, and not only one but even 4 heat sources, it's just stupid…

    anyways i am looking for a chart or a smartphone database like gsmarena where may include information about how much a phone heats, i think thats a key factor to buy a new phone sin my latest LG G2, that phone is pretty hot, like 80°C

  3. Would be useful to see the Note 7 tested as well and compared against the reset of the 2016 flagships – including the pixel phones once they come out. And maybe try to space out the phones a bit next time, TechRadar? would also be great of you could give the phones a little breakdown in order to try to explain heat performance (software optimisation (iOS) or lack of, hardware tweaks (heat pipes in the Galaxy) ), Still, a good and informative video but could be improved.

  4. I disagree with this the phones are to close together even touching meaning they can transfer there heat to each other. they need to be spread out as I recently played real race 3 for over a hour and didn't feel any heat difference on my s7 edge.

  5. What dumb test is that? Don't the temperatures come from other smartphones interfere in the test? And do you want to fry your smartphone run prime test prime benchmark!

  6. by holding all the phone together you creating a heat spot witch will increase the phone heat signature So basically it a good test but flawed try doing it one by one

  7. S7e has heatpipe or some called it water-cooled system. Guess what's more? When it's hot, just submerged it into water thanks to waterproof capabilities. My htc one m8 also heats a lot, due to the fact of metal body though.

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