NEW Holy Stone HS360 Drone Review – The Best Holy Stone Camera Drone so far?

NEW Holy Stone HS360 Drone Review - The Best Holy Stone Camera Drone so far?

The 360 is Holy Stones FIRST budget camera drone with a multi-axis gimbal and GPS as well, with a “Rock Steady” 2.5K Camera …


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  1. Holy Stone was nice enough to send an additional 10% OFF coupon , on top of any other coupons/discounts! Enter this code T4HTYTRA at this link: This is my experience based on a sample of 1, but this one works dandy. I'm hearing feedback that others have had issues with this model, but is there something with geographic location, calibration technique/sequence, Holy Stone quality control, or ? Let us know your experiences in the comments, it can only help us in the industry and Holy Stone if we can report out collective experiences. I did note after this review if you fly with 8 or 9 satellites (8 is minimum) it is not as stable. If I let it find 13 or 14 then it sits really well. Remember, if it doesn't work for you in your area (depends on how the satellites are in your area), work with technical support or send it back! Nobody should be satisfied with a product that doesn't work, regardless of the reason. Please note: If you comment "it sucks" 10 times in the feed, not helpful… Good Flying all… 😎

  2. Took my 360 out in the wide open rural Desert, and the follow modes still won't work. Zero interference, because I had FPV range of the max 900m. I couldn't believe that it stay connected to the max distance. So I have no idea why the follow me mode don't work.

  3. The follow me mode will NOT work for me, and GPS follow is horrible. The quad turns away from me in gps follow. It's a useless mode. The image follow will never follow me. Mr Alien, what am I doing wrong???

  4. Sorry but I gotta disagree with you on this one. The Syma X5C can be picked up for about 25 bucks, and is so steady, it is hard to believe it does not have a barometer in the thing. I still play with them even though I have about six drones worth far far more than the Syma, but it is so much fun and the stress factor is very low. It is also relatively indestructible.

  5. Great video. Keith I do need some advise. I broke my mini2 and I am in the market for a new one. My budget is $600 and I want 4k. What would you recommend outside of dji? Thank you in advance.

  6. Sorry I know this has nothing to do with the video but I just received a DJI mini two and I want to fly responsibly but there is a lot of stuff out there could really use some help what am I allowed to do

  7. for a relativity inexpensive drone it looks like the camera delivers a pretty good picture. And the next time I go to my sister's I'll have to stop and fly there for some of those nice images you get there. I am from around that area.

    Keep up the good work! Tim

  8. It's nice, but it glitches a lot. The camera gets stuck, the Wi-Fi doesn't always reconnect automatically to the phone, 🚽 bowls every few flights. I'm no longer impressed after flying it more. But I will keep it, because I got a huge discount on it.

  9. Awesome “review”! Good timing too as I received my replacement HS360 today. Hope it’s the updated version. IDK when I’ll get to fly it as we have garbage weather and more coming but hopefully soon. The video resolution is quite excellent and it does do what it’s supposed to do very well. Cannot wait to fly.

  10. At the price, I still think buying a Mini SE or even a used Mini 1/2 is still a better purchase, buy im glad to see Holy Stone becoming a more promising brand!

    The RTH is nice, it looks relatively stable, and the camera is improving, but you still see some weird colors. And there’s almost no excuse for a two axis gimble in 2022!

  11. It's 12° out and time for Keith to go do a drone review! The RTH was definitely impressive. A little disappointing in range, but overall, very decent drone for the money. And you can't beat a name like Holy Stone LOL. And as the comments go, don't forget the weight and battery life!

  12. I have a MA2 and am looking to get into real estate drone photography or using my drone commercially so obviously i will need a 107 but my real question is what is the job market for drone pilots is it something that would be worthwhile for me to do? the cost of getting the license etc vs recovering that cost via gigs etc. im thinking of doing this in the interim while i wait for nursing school slots to open up. my level of photography experience is ~amateurish. what do you think?

  13. Looks like a great drone. I have two comments. What is the weight of the drone and how does it fit in the he FAA guidelines? You mentioned the wind but not the temperature. This obviously has a great effect on battery life. I would hate see a new flyer not realize cold can reduce battery severely. Amazon ad says battery life is 46 to 23 min?

    At least we didn’t see/hear the grass cutting or snow removal! Thx

  14. The difference between a drone, like the DJI Mini at $400 and the Holystone drone you are reviewing for $230 are like night and day. I can remember how infuriating it was to fly cheaper drones and have them fly off on their own. I lost enough money to have purchased a good DJI drone in the process. I know that it is difficult for some people to reach the price point of a DJI, Autel or Skydio product but, I always recommend that they buy a product at least like an xiomi for around $400.

  15. Good drone!…2 questions (but I could just Google the info.)…
    1. Weight?
    2. Are the tracking GPS? (didn't see a lock on you during your vid but it did follow…was it following the controller/phone GPS?)

  16. Not a bad beginner drone. How would you compare it to the DJI Mavic MINI SE as far as image and flight for the price difference? I haven't seen an SE, but it does seem to have the MINI 2 body, ESC's, motors, props and battery? A lot better performance than my original Mavic MINI. Are you allowed to compare between brands?

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