BITCOIN DUMP: WHAT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

BITCOIN DUMP: WHAT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

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  2. From November you keep repeating to wait a little bit more.. the price has been halved!! How much conformation you need man? If the big candle comes to the downside it’s to late to get out! You are not taking care of your community this way!! I’m glad I listened to my instinct and got out in November last year! I’m in crypto sinds 2016 and I know when enough is enough but you kris you don’t!! Always you see ghosts and things that doesn’t make sense! Stop doeing that god dame man!!!

  3. It’s all about the tightening of quantitative easing and the rate hike. Personal I don’t think the USA can stop printing money because the reason for them doing so hasn’t changed.

  4. Bitcoin bull run 🏃🏾‍♀️expected to take off again in 2022, and overlap with the run up to next years Litecoin reward halving and this years Litecoin privacy update.👤

    Previous run ups had a huge effect 📈

  5. Bear market started 2 months ago. The Wales on YouTube are convining us to hold the bag untill we can't bear it anymore. Then buy it at rock bottom from you. All these wales are working together to push the price down while telling us to hold the empty bag.

  6. do you get money to liq the people carl number one chris is number 2 😂 bear market is beginning in november chris why you and carl not see this?

  7. Ride that “bullish” falling wedge into the center of the earth 😂 🤡… it’s all in the cards already, it goes down to around 30k, sideways for awhile, probably 100k sometime this year and long term bullish…. and 100 Emergency videos in the meantime begging for likes

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