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  1. You are my new favorite YouTuber! Love your videos! Keep up the great work! If you are ever in The Charleston area, let me know. I love flying my DJI mini 2!

  2. Your video is funny, Autel Evo has the best camera in the world among drones. No Mavic 3 and his camera. No. Videos from the Evo camera are famous. The overall orange confident drone has great performance. Long distance flight is ok, it's just perfect.

  3. The the low light performance is very impressive on the EVO Lite, I'm glad to see Autel put a good camera on it. That Pyramid is really cool, and I know you flow there before, but I still find it interesting to look at. Great testing Ken, and thanks for sharing.

  4. I like very much your vidéo. It shows us how much quality is the camera in low light. I wonderiing which drone I will buy , Autel Evo nano plus or Autel Evo light plus ? Don't care about price. What do you advice me ?
    Franck from France

  5. Another good one Ken. Does your radio audience know about this drone side gig?? The Lite + looks great. Which to get???? Honey, can I get another drone?????

  6. Yessss- Finally a nice, lite video. Getting tired of those tiny, Nano videos, even the + sized ones. The Lite (not this Lite + has a 4 axis gimbal – a bit gimmicky, but different! I will probably go with Lite + but it needs to add to the EVO 2 Pro bag of goodies.

  7. RTH – How difficult would it be for drone manufacturers to implement a system that uses a special mark on a landing site so the drone can land on that spot? GPS would get it near then a camera or other sensor would be enabled to navigate the drone to the right spot to land.

  8. £1400 definitely costs more than a dji and they are the leading technology in drones. Think I will pass lets be honest if its a choice between paying an extra £300 most are just gonna buy a dji

  9. That moonlight algorithm is really, really impressive for 60 frames to be as bright as it is. Could you do some 6k / 24fps tests at night Ken? The clips I've seen so far are even brighter and cleaner but the posters aren't very transparent on the rest of their Lite+ settings.

    Not sure if it's even better at night than Evo 2 pro… It might be.

  10. След всяка следваща актуализация ще бъде все по-добър и лесен за употреба от нови в бранша . А видеото и хумора са на ниво , благодаря за което .

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