Best laptop 2021

Best laptop 2021

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  1. Yeah great…give 3 of your top 5 to overpriced us brands and no. 1 to a machine with serious compatibility issues, an inability to run the world's top office suite with full functionality and poor price to processor ratio

  2. I was disappointed that the Surface Laptop 4 didn't even make the list, but then I saw when the video was made. Clicked on the link to their full list of 15 laptops and Surface Laptop 4 is now #2 right behind the MacBook! Should repost the video and slice in the Surface Laptop 4 🙂

  3. Anything below 15 inch is pointless for enterprise professionals,you need to buy the P1 or extreme.

    Can you update the ram or wireless card or LTE ?
    Does it come with linux or unix for enterprise professionals ?
    Can you fully repair it under new wee european legislation requirements.
    Does it have a small cramped Keyboard giving you health problems ?

    Looks like another failed retail laptop for the occasional user,it was a mistake putting Thinkpad branding on it ?

  4. I don't know how much dell paid you guys,
    But people i m telling you reality, i m working in givt entity and we bought nearly 25 dell xps 13 and now not a single of this hideous machine is operative due to such a poor build we never saw.
    #stay away from dell

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