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  1. Unless it costs $20, its useless lol. With no gimble and probably only EIS, and the way it has no flight stabilization, the picture it takes will be garbage. Better using a Selfie Stick.

  2. well i just want a self and something to focus my attention on other then y cell phone for interacting with a possibility in my pnline functions… email a friend calls made from home but prerecorded detectives like point me towards home or signal my friends my location……. tell dad i need to be picked up for adults to nixies matiing dance emote as they walk around an open air area

  3. Its probably already finalized but how you would wear it doesn't seem to comfortable, the propeller in the back are most likely plastic material so a person would most likely keep his/her wrist up at all times so they wont accidently break it, other than that it looks cool.

  4. Another drone I recommend to anyone it's called onagofly it fly by its self it has avoidance technology(so the drone doesn't crash into stuff) and als has auto follow(follows you) and also has an app on android and App Store which gives you real time fpv

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