Top 5 UPCOMING PHONES in FEBRUARY 2022 under 25000

Top 5 UPCOMING PHONES in FEBRUARY 2022 under 25000

This video is about Top 5 Upcoming phones in February 2022 under Rs 25000. We have already seen how fantabulous January …


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  1. Kiranji. What phone has an inbuilt event display ( calendar) apart from Samsung on Always On display ? No third party application please. No one focuses on office phones and requirements.

  2. Mam i am getting nord 2 at price 27000β‚Ή …. Is it worth buying it in 2022 or i should wait for new phone….kya isse bhi achhe phone aane wale hai iss price me…( my preference is camera )… please suggest me ??

  3. Realme 9 pro me 120hz
    Realme 9 pro plus me 90 hz
    And how can realme 9 pro has in display fs ..for these that display have to be amoled
    That means realme 9 pro will have 120hz super amoled display …Naaaa I don't think so…
    It would definitely have ips lcd display that's why company is providing 120hz display
    And 9 pro plus will have amoled display .. that's my thoughts

  4. Your videos are fantastic. But 1 suggestion, please change your video transitions to some smoother and subtle transition. It really stains eyes when you are too focused to read something from the screen and the the video changes suddenly.

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