2022: The Year in which Virtual Reality goes Mainstream

2022: The Year in which Virtual Reality goes Mainstream

The Future of Virtual Reality has been shown at CES 2022 in the form of retina display VR Headsets, full body tracking solutions …


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  1. So, what is your opinion the prospect of Virtual Reality going mainstream within the next 5 years with all this new and constantly improving hardware coming out? Do you believe that VR in its current form even has the ability to go mainstream in the first place?
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  2. All I see are hype since 10 years ago, no companies I know of are creating jobs, only video game publishers have some low quality work, totally unappealing. Who is preducing the 3D content?

  3. Yes it's better for the IT companies, but it will make the real life like a joke, without physical contact, without love, more away of family…..
    It seems like matrix you want to put as in a imaginary life, nice in the beginning, but very dangerous in the future, life where IT companies make the loi and money.
    That is the mean goal of Corona and his restriction measures, they (you) preparing us for being your future enclave, staying in a chair or in bedroom with a mask in our eyes and surfing in your the world that you making for us with your engineer.

  4. When Apple releases their AR glasses (possibly in 2022 or 2023) that is when we will start to see mainstream adoption of AR that will replace smartphones entirely within 10 years. As for VR I think Meta is going to win that race due to having a massive head start and tons of cash to develop their own hardware and software. The future of AR and VR tech is going to be very exciting and I look forward to being along for the ride.

  5. I hope the 600 billion goes towards creating actual applications and games people can appreciate and invest time with instead of what we currently have..the apps are a joke in VR

  6. I was an early adopter (by today’s standard, a late adopter by the standards of the day) but I got away from it because it was very unreliable and soon stopped working all together. I loved it when it worked—even when the software caused cyber sickness. Some developers seemed to be better at preventing that than others.

    I noticed one clip of the video showed a headset that was wired. I know that good video footage of VR is limited but absolutely no system that isn’t fully wireless has any future. People own cats; cats attack moving wires; having a cat locked in or out of a room results in scratched doors. And cables are the second biggest point of failure (software not being able to pair all the equipment at the same time was the biggest).

    Battery life will not be able to be just a couple hours. Even people who often only game for a couple hours want the option to be on longer with friends on certain occasions.

    I hope they have changed (or soon will change) the need to mount chunky sensors on the wall near outlets. When I had my old system the walls were concrete so I had to buy extendable poles to mount the sensors on and reaching an outlet was a pain. A sensor that is light enough to be held up by poster putty would be ideal but they have to be durable enough to survive a fall if hot weather melts the putty.

  7. I'm also looking forward to them using this VR technology with radio control devices !! Like toy cars and airplanes submarines boats……..

  8. The educational possibilities for this is fantastic we'll drive down the cost of college education!!
    and the porn0 industry hasn't even got started yet🤣

  9. Yes in time VR will seem so real it will be just like the Movie called The Matrix . I also predict in the not to distant future you will have contact lenses that will work better than any VR headset ,it's just a matter of time before you will be able to use thought alone to make your contact lenses zoom in on distant objects your looking at .

  10. If I could move my job to VR I would in a heart beat. I teach kids how to play musical instruments. The issues that pertain to this are lag time, poor connection issues, the students’ home environment not being conducive to a proper learning environment, and the student’s access to the technology. I foresee a time soon when most of this will no longer be a problem. The benefits of this technology to me would be huge. I could live wherever I want. I could draw students from anywhere in the English speaking world. Hell, I could produce recitals and concerts completely in VR. I could hire other music teachers to expand my business. I could certainly increase my income!

  11. Inevitable that this will become mainstream, allure has been apparent since the 1980s! There needs to be a breakthrough app and equipment that supports it that builds critical mass – and likely outside the traditional gaming community. The AR glasses shown seem like a great way to go if you want to do things outside, but then all the comms issues kick in and you might need 5g or a STARLINK connection to have the bandwidth to support. Regardless, heading for the 2nd half of the exponential chessboard where a doubling in use becomes very meaningful.

  12. "Have you ever had a dream Neo that you were so sure it was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?"

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