Blue Bubbles vs Green Bubbles: Explained!

Why people can’t stop using the iPhone. And what should be done about it. Links/sources: The Ecosystem: Explained …


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. I mean, they can just use whatsapp or telegram. As a non-american I don't get why it's such a big deal having an iPhone there when ios and android is now on par and sometimes some android phones are better

  2. America-only problem. The rest of the world use WhatsApp and Telegram so they don't have that problem. And when Americans gripe about bubble colours, it sounds childish.

  3. Wouldn’t the worst idea, would be to let the telco’s introduce a new messaging standard.

    Which conveniently you mention RCS at 14mins

  4. For years there was no standard in the messaging market, which made the experience bad with only SMS. Apple developed a good UX around messaging, which the competition didn't do anything about. The competition woke up after years with a solution that is half-baked and expect Apple to align immediately with something that doesn't provide nearly the same experience. That's not how things work.

  5. Crazy how different it is In the UK.
    WhatsApp is the default for everyone, even though they have to download it manually. Even my parents have it, and all my iPhone friends…..

  6. Again unwilling to openly criticise Apple. Shows the influence the company has on reviewers. Apple is being a douche with tactics that lead to bullying and people sending unencrypted messages for no reason other than to keep other phones out of their monopoly. Not too hard is it?

  7. Great video 👍
    I think this is a global problem. My biggest issue with texting from iPhone to mobile phone or Android smartphone is the green bubble message will be received next day and not immediately. And green is still paid SMS here in Slovakia.

  8. Letting tech companies to become monopoly and anticompetitive will only cause harm for both the people and the growth of tech industry, so its good for imessage users too to support RCS.
    i hope eventually when ever android users use rcs, imessages will become green bubble for android users, then apple will have no other option but to adapt rcs, then all people around the globe will have a common medium to chat like we had sms in olden days.
    In 14:0414:10
    1)the angry android toy on the ladder in left edge of video is gone
    2)the blue and green bubbles chat with brown,white faced dog dp similar to his dog on a grey board in the background in right edge of video is removed
    3)changed to tshirt saying nexgen
    when he started RCS topic, shows how much they pay attention to subtle details and symbolise what he try to convey, its like easteregg.

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