Google Pixel XL review

Google Pixel XL review

The Pixel XL uses top-of-the-line specs to introduce Android 7.1 Nougat to the world. This VR-capable phone has a fast processor …


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  1. Made by Google, Manufactured by HTC. I dont blame people for saying Made by HTC, because technically it is. Google does control the decision and marketing but they use HTC to build the device. HTC Pixel XL or Pixel phone or Pixel by Google. Call it what you want is what i say, f**k the actual model name.

  2. Ur tripping bro, I get an hour on v20 at about 70% battery remaining. So that sounds about right, I dk what ur excepting and ur saying that's the worst u found on an android. Yea OK.

  3. I switched from the iPhone 6s Plus to the Google pixel XL. I was going to get the iPhone 7 plus but every time I went there to get it they seem to be out and I was tired of it. anyway love this phone glad I decided to get it!

  4. I got the pixel xl and I love it. the only thing I wish it had was stereo speakers but honestly I listen to music with headphones anyway. The fingerprint sensor on the back is also the most accurate one I've used. really easy to unlock the phone while it's still in your pocket so it's ready to use as soon as you take it out.

  5. S7Edge, Note7, Iphone 7 Plus easily win and kick Google Pixel arse left, right and centre
    Google Pixel price is to High even if you have the best job in the world.
    Compare it with other phones in the same price range.
    like Iphone 7 you get waterproof, excellent dual camera, dual stereo speakers, 5 years of update
    Galaxy S7 edge you get waterproof, excellent camera, lots of feature in the software. edge screen. SD slot, wireless charging
    what does Google Pixel have compared to these two phones above?

  6. Google Now also does the AI thing. If you say "OK Google, what is a zebra" it will define a zebra, then if you say "OK Google, show me pictures" it searches for 'zebra pictures' and so on and so forth. Google Assistant doesn't really bring much new to the table…

  7. oh my God, Google assistant is so overhyped and overrated, and here we have it again in this review. Take the Google Assistant challenge. Anytime you see someone demonstrate it in one of these videos, use the traditional Google Now feature on your current smartphone. If you don't get either The Identical results or even better results on Google Now, then I'll eat my phone. As I've been doing with all of these reviews, I just did it with this one. I used his example of the zebra. With Google Now, I asked what is a zebra. It gave a short definition of what a zebra is, and then I tested its ability to continue the conversation by saying, "Show me pictures." And then Google Now showed me pictures of the zebras. Just like with Google Assistant. If there is one difference, it is that Google Now tend to show more in-depth details. So Google assistant is the dumbed-down version for the iPhone generation.

  8. i have been using the Nexus 5 for a while now. though Google kept claiming that the updates would improve battery life, it never did. Nexus devices stood out not because it was better or in par with the iPhone, but because it was cheaper. better bang for the buck. Google just killed it for me with the new pricing. iPhone 7 plus calling I guess

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