Huawei Porsche Design Mate RS review

We review the Porsche Design Mate RS from Huawei – a smartphone that’s essentially a Huawei P20 Pro Mate 10 lovechild with a …


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  1. most valuable phone… i have the mate 10 pro porsche design since 2017…now days it's stil 1000 euros…. i have this one olso.. and the mate 30 rs

  2. i get a day and a half from my iPhone 7. this phone should last me a week.. shame it will no longer get google support.. if you can't beat em ban em..

  3. If this phone has an in-screen fingerprint scanner, then why the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 won't have one? Wtf is with Samsung !!!

  4. So what are you paying almost $1000 extra for compared to the Samsung S9+? The name, brand and logo? PD has to be the one of the most shameless money grabs inside the tech industry, alongside apple.

  5. In screen finger print scanner, 4000 mAh big battery, fast charging, fastest connectivity,global roaming dual sim,& Porsche name are reasons for buying this for me

  6. the flip case is really bad and its a shame that other manufacturers are not going to make cases for mate RS. So my question is can you use S9+ tempered glass and case on Mate RS ?

  7. This phone would break cellphone sales record if it's brought out by Apple.

    Consider their performance selling "not so ground breaking devices", it's easy to see what would happen if they are behind a beautiful and teched out device like this.

  8. it's silly who invented to abort the headphones port … you can always forget the addition to your home. and somewhere to stay out of music …. they invented it for iphone crap and now all copy and it's not good

  9. The problem I have with these Chinese made smartphones is 3/4s of the time their getting their parts from other big manufacturers for very cheap, because often times their of shit quality. It’s a smart business move but a shitty move for the customer. Not saying all Chinese made smartphones will be bugged, but it is something to consider.

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