BITCOIN!!!!! THE GREAT SPARK TO IGNITE A HUGE FLAME!?!!!! [you may want to sit down]

BITCOIN!!!!! THE GREAT SPARK TO IGNITE A HUGE FLAME!?!!!! [you may want to sit down]

Bitcoin price may look scary right now, but the fundamentals have never looked better! Vladimir Putin reverses crypto ban and …


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    Intro Credit:

    0:00 Intro
    2:00 Bitcoin Analysis
    4:17 Who Is Selling? Big Problem?
    7:21 Russia Mining News
    9:04 BTC Going Green!
    11:08 Breaking UK News!
    15:17 Final Thoughts

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  2. Dreamer
    The west have threatened Russia to seize there assets if they go in to the Ukraine
    Tells me two things 1 Russia are going into the Ukraine and 2 because those assets he knows will be taken he wants to move them into crypto
    When Russia have their assets in bit coin what do u think the west is going to do to crypto support it or wipe it out ? Trust me us british will never replace the queens money with crypto the cronies here in the uk will never allow it, I gave u a like for this viddie

  3. Just saying KDub, I love you being optimistic, and you are by far my favorite YouTuber, but imo we are bearish for a while. I don’t think we’re tanking to 20k, but I don’t think we’re going to bust out on a moonshot from that falling wedge. If you look at your falling wedge as you drew it at first before we fell out and you redrew it, yesterdays pump and dump at the fed meeting perfectly tested the bottom of the wedge as resistance and we broke back down. And retail sentiment is a dumpster fire right now. I see us trending sideways for a while, maybe go down to 29-30k support band, or break below to 28k very shortly to cause a mass panic then consolidating for a while between 30-33k before we can start working our way back up. Just my two cents though, I have been wrong about plenty in this market so we’ll see. I just don’t see any hype whatsoever in the space right now from us retail peons. Again though, love ya man you’re the 🐐.

  4. i wouldn´t trust anything regarding news, 1 day they are in favor. the other day they are againts. If rusia is now saying something it could be they need the other countries to get in so they can get out on good profits. don t believe anything and do not watch pricepredictions.

  5. Carbon tax on mining operations, more friction for the miners to stay solvent. Other algorithms are more friendly for the carbon footprint. It may not matter today but later countries will play hot potatoe with miners.

  6. K-dub you don’t ever have to worry about how long or short your videos are, I’m sure it’s safe to say we all watch from beginning to end no matter what!

  7. Short videos long videos, it doesn't matter. They all seem to go by too fast. Would love to see a video with just all your intros back to back one day. That would be epic.

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